Two Quick Updates

Two quick things to share with you:

  1. The Canadian Story

    I was invited recently to be on a new podcast called The Canadian Story. It’s “a podcast about what it means to be Canadian. Interviews cover a wide variety topics with the overarching goal of reminding Canadians why we are all so proud of our country.” We discussed what I think makes Canada so unique and special, and I tried to outline a vision of what Canada could look like in the future touching on themes I’ve discussed here. We also ended up discussing my own background as an immigrant and how that has shaped me. If you’re interested you can listen online here (episode 3) or you can subscribe on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. It’s a cool little project I’d encourage you check out.

  2. Q&A

    For the next newsletter I’ve decided it might be fun to do a Q&A. If there are topics or burning questions you’d like to ask or topics that pique your interest please reply directly to this email and I’ll pick some of the more interesting ones to answer. I’m open to all sorts of questions, it doesn’t just have to be about Canada, or conservatism, just send me interesting questions you’d like to see answered and I’ll pick the ones I think I can offer some insight or have something interesting to say on.